30 thoughts on “Drawings”

  1. this is great! I can’t stop coming here for mind of ease at work (while also designing stuff for the world)! Please keep it up, this is great!


  2. Oh, hi. A little late but Ive just found your work on the web and I am fascinated–yes, that’s the word (It took me some significant time to decide on that, btw)…
    I so need a Name GPS and would so give a lot of ppl I know that Handshake training device!
    Great ideas! Very funny and insightful! 🙂
    Greetings from BR.

  3. Oh my God! Now, I know the reason why this blog is nominated to webby! I check all the drawings and it makes me laugh..I never knew that there were blog like this..very very very funny! I will subscribe to you and will nominate you on webby! Good luck to you!!!

  4. Guess what? You just got slashdotted. Prepare for your genius ideas to become a lot more popular.

  5. Hi Dominic! I went to kk last week and watch the video, it was very good. We r using ur work as a starting point in a subject about, what makes jo smile. I must say u make it look easy, as I have gave myself a headache trying to think of ideas. Thanx 4 letting us see ur work.

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