Day 7: Diary tape

I was sitting on the sofa thinking what to do next and I had a tape measure near by. I played with it a bit and thought what a clever mechanism it is. Why has it remained the sole domain of measurement? I decided to try and think of a new use. Firstly I sprayed the whole thing white.

Then I decided that it could be a portable diary and that I could document through notes and sketches each day of this 30 day project.

I recalled what I did in the previous days so far and drew them in order. I will continue through the forthcoming days.

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23 thoughts on “Day 7: Diary tape”

  1. how poetic. imagine a whole library filled with this tape measures – each for one month of your life. what fun your archivists will have… …once, when you continue to do stuff which comes with this whimsical kind of admiration. I’m looking very much forward!

  2. We used to make those in High School. We would write letters on long strips of paper.. usually cut out and taped end to end to achieve an even longer letter.. then given out as a roll to the friend it’s addressed to. ahh the memories.

  3. how did you stop the spraypaint from cracking and flaking off when you retracted and extended the tape?

  4. I love this idea! Im trying to think of a neat way for my tape measure to be a memory measurement diary for my granddaughter.

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