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A fence

You might be asking ‘why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?’ But the garden fence industry is very powerful and they kill any idea that would threaten their plank quantity sales. When I was twelve, while lying in bed, I worked out how to make a perpetual motion machine. This would solve all the world’s energy problems, I fell asleep in the excitement of planning how I would spend the profits. When I woke up I realised that I had forgotten what my idea was. I apologise. I’m frowning in regret as I write this even today. However, now in the age of the internet I can quickly put my ideas on this website so that the world can reap the rewards before I forget.

This idea was first shown in Icon magazine, 2008 in my ‘Lost sketchbooks’ series. Follow me on twitter or facebook.
Update: An artist has recently made something similar but with a window net, it works well… see here

Lining up in comfort

queue tray
Queue cushion
In England we love to queue, standing in an orderly line patiently awaiting our turn. We will put up with a lot of things in life but one thing that we will not tolerate is those sneaky people who try to push in.

Queue punishment

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Living objects of the future

Living bike

In the future, scientists will create objects that have the properties of living organisms. This idea is a bike that loses and gains weight depending on how much it is used. The owner will have the satisfaction of getting fit themselves but also enjoy sliming down their bike as every mile passes. As the bike sits in the garage getting fatter each day the owner will feel increasingly ashamed.