11 thoughts on “Drink out of the bottle in style”

  1. Hey, some of your ideas are really good. You should think about copyright and stuff of your intellectual property.

  2. one possible problem with this is that the glass stem that is held by the cork can break when you insert it into the bottle mouth. Of course this can be easily fixed with a harder kind of glass or thicker glass (bad idea, see next paragraph), or a metal tube connected with the glass.

    The next minor problem is that the flow of wine out of the hole where it comes from is not very much. With the cork obscuring the bottlemouth, whats left of the area of the tube is less than the bottlemouth. However, this is minor problem and we can live with it for the sake of style.

    The above problem may also be an advantage though, because we often drink more than we can swallow in the process of drinking off the bottle or the milk carton, because when we tip the bottle or carton to an angle, the fluids accelerate into our mouths and we think we’re getting a little at first and then the volume of liquids builds up and suddenly OH SNAP!

    Also, when angled just right when you’re drinking from it, because of the smaller bottle diameter, the beverage can shoot straight into your nose, similar to covering a hosehole with your thumb to make it shoot further.

    I have an idea that involves installing a piston system into bottles, where you just push the bottom of the piston attached to the bottle and a fountain of alcohol will rise into your instant style glass attatchment. Be careful not to push too hard or a fountain of alcohol will drench everybody.

    1. Come to think of it, the hosehole effect would occur even at smaller angles, and you have a noseful of alcohol.

      Well, at least we now have a cure for the common cold.

  3. First time at visiting on your site (Stumbleupon directed me here) But I thought I would write something. What a neat idea!

  4. Actually it’s not as glamorous as one would think… We drank small bottles of “Anna” cava on new years – it had “glass-formed-plastic-thingys” attached to it… Imagine how our friends laughed 😛

    But still FAR more sophisticated than wine “juice-boxes” ;-D

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