Street post between legs problem

Street post striding

Berlin seems to have an unusually high amount of street posts. Whenever I walk down a street and approach one of these street posts I am always tempted to see if I can just walk straight at it, with the post passing between my legs. I try not to break my stride but the split second before I arrive at the post I hesitate, my heart beat increases as I become unsure that the pole will pass under me without hurting me. This is a problem that I set about solving in my latest idea to create a device that gauges the height of the oncoming pole, compares it to the height of my inner leg and indicates to me if it is safe to walk over it or not.

3 thoughts on “Street post between legs problem”

  1. Hm, maybe we can make height-adjusting retractable street posts. they can sink down into the ground or go up. When you walk to a street post, it will adjust itself to the height between your legs.

    It can just sink all the way down, but that defeats the purpose of being able to pass through them. It also defeats its purpose of being a street post, because if there’s a person near the street post and it sinks down, a vehicle can just drive through the area, which is what the street post is trying to prevent. So sinking to accommodate the person is probably a better solution.

    If we take this idea further, maybe we can have the city full of adjustable street posts, and they can pop up almost anywhere or sink as road/ground with just a command. So the arrangement of street posts can be varied when needed. Examples include keeping a waiting line in line, keeping a criminal from crossing the road (although this is also potentially dangerous to civilians), closing a road, or street post dancing presentations. (people can dance atop the height-changing street posts!). However, if this street post system malfunctions and they go out of control, all hell will break loose.

    the retractable street posts can be street signs or other things as well.

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