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Pollution can be beautiful
June 19, 2009, 7:55 pm
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Litmus Plant

Pollution is everywhere so here is my idea for making the most of it.

(For those who didn’t do chemistry, Litmus paper changes colour depending on the acidity of a liquid) © 2009

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What a nifty idea 🙂

Comment by Ella

Loving your genius ideas, at my workyplace we’re doing a competition you may be interested in:

If you decide to enter or not best of luck with your ideas!

Comment by Rik

This might also work as a genetically modified plant, that acted as a living sensor, switching on similar genes to those that cause color changes during leaf-fall.

Comment by gilleain torrance

Just learned about your blog from The Presurfer. I love it and will be a frequent visitor. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Comment by Pam Walter

nice ideas in here. greetings

Comment by gogelmogel

Funnily enough, nature has a clear case of prior art here…

The leaves of the tobacco plant are generally green, but some varieties develop dark spots in areas of pollution. I remember growing them as a kid as part of a nation-wide acid rain survey 🙂

Comment by Ian Ferguson

Spiderwort is known to detect radiation and indicates it by the changing of the flower color.
A Closer Look at Spiderwort

Comment by christine

Thanks, Sunflowers were also used to extract radiation from the soil around chernobyl

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

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