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Well it’s been a year since I started this website and it has been fun. I really enjoy reading the comments people add and their ideas to improve on my inventions. When I started out I didn’t know where it would take me or whether anyone was interested. There is a belief among some people that you should share your ideas and not be too protective of them and in return you will get something bigger back. It’s a nice thought but it’s not an easy one to make in this competitive world. One good thing that has come from doing this site is that I am always getting contacted by amazing people in all areas of creativity (music, film, publishing, art, design) asking if I want to do something for, or with them. Hopefully I will show you some of this exciting stuff in the future. If you have any suggestions on what type of things you like to see on this site let me know. Thank you for your visits and I hope I can keep you entertained in the future.

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