iPad simplification

My idea this week is an accessory to transform the whizzbang iPad into a simple practical object that may be useful around the home, in this case a bookend.
I will probably buy an iPad at some point. It is a beautiful object and is apparently wonderful to use. I don’t think I’ll read books on it as a paper book has higher resolution text, is about four times lighter and doesn’t need a battery. The iPad will definitely be a success as an entertainment device, looking at photos, reading an e-magazine, watching a movie and visiting websites, but whether it will become a ‘useful’ thing is a bit of an unknown. Hopefully the people who make the software apps will come up with something that turns the iPad from a delightful luxury item into an essential piece of equipment. Maybe one day we will look back and think ‘what exactly did we do before the iPad?’ or maybe we’ll think ‘Well, it made a stylish bookend’. Your comments are very welcome…

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29 thoughts on “iPad simplification”

  1. iPad = luxurious bookend. It will never be a useful item. Well, it will be if you if you produce the ibookend, but then it’s just useful but not practical because of it’s high price tag. 🙂

  2. iBookEnd…

    Ich dachte schon, dass das Ding doch noch einen Sinn hat. Wirklich sehr stylisch von Apple muss ich sagen Gefunden bei variationsonnormal. Share on Facebook……

  3. I have a feeling with such heavy books resting on the ipad, it will eventually break the ipad, or bend/scratch the aluminum back part due to the constant pressure of the ipad with the actual slot of the ibookend.

  4. Good idea, but why do you put it in the other way around? The display could show the list of books on this shelf – kind of a library helper… 😀

  5. The most horrific idea of this product is, that iPad really tries to be (or is?) The End of all books. Buy it, and you will place it next to very last paperbook you ever bought. Next books you buy are inside the iPad…

  6. I have a great iPad idea. Human Subtitles. Speech recognition linked to iPad, then display on the screen what the person is saying. Then i can understand all you freakazoids.

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