28 thoughts on “Can’t be bothered to think of title”

  1. When I was young my friends and I invented an imaginary button that would take our pee to the bathroom for us in the event we felt too lazy to get up and go there ourselves. No joke.

  2. Should make the straw extra long, after all lazy people won’t want to move to the straw, they want the straw right there.

    1. Yes I took the ideas into my local hospital and they refered me to a nice doctor at the mental health ward. But seriously if any health care person out there wants to develop them just give me a shout.

  3. the ability to create an avatar of yourself that does everything for you while you sleep. ie go to school for you, do your work, etc, while you be lazy and sleep/lounge around and do nothing.

    the pro version allows you to transfer what they learn and all the information during the day to your brain.

    or for something less extreme… a chair that comes to you when you want to sit, instead of the other way around.

    1. First idea: That would nice until your avatar gets lazy and subcontracts his work out to another avatar then it starts to get like chinese whispers and the info you end up getting is mumbo jumbo.
      Second idea: You have seen my previous seat idea haven’t you?

      1. first idea: hahaha very true, didn’t actually think of an avatar using another avatar.

        second: unless you’re talking about the fashion accessory idea, then i actually haven’t. they just popped in my head when i read your tweet.

  4. How about patches that look like eyes? They are placed on eye lids while you sleep at boring training and meetings.

  5. remote controller on wheels that responds to finger snapping or whistle (they are always just a hair away)

  6. Please make a rendition of my idea to have a tiny clip on umbrella for your cigarette so you can smoke in the rain 🙂

  7. Samuel Clemens (mark twain) in his book ‘ship of fools’ on the first tourist ship voyage round the world, mentions that he tried to cut down on smoking by only having one cigar per day. He got his cigar maker to make the cigar a bit bigger every weekly consignment until, he says, he needed a wooden prop similar to a fishing rod stand to prop up the enormous cigar when smoking it. Needless to say he was now smoking far more tobbacco.

  8. Hunter Thompson (rip) used a blood plasma bag on a drip feed trolley filled with wild turkey whiskey with the tube taped next to his mouth so he could move around and every now and then take a suck on the tube with his hands free.

  9. think about it – that would involve using a hand to switch on/off all he did was move his lips slightly to get the tube

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