20 thoughts on “How to forget and yet still remember”

  1. I would like to be able to paint every road in my area (holloway london) different colours with a paint cannon as i drive along. That way, when i drive back that way, i can recognise where i am without having to look at street name signs. each street would have a slightly different (i’m not an idiot) shades of colour so there are enough shades of colour to go round for each street. Could you design a paint cannon for my little car please. remember i would like to aim at half way up the houses so i can see ahead the colour when i’m back that way.

  2. How about a camera in the middle of your forehead or between your eyes, like one on a mobile phone or a third eye, that is triggered by making an action or expression with your face so you don’t miss a moment or can capture a particular moment of your day/life? Haven’t thought this through but would love to see how you could develop on this as a concept 🙂

      1. Oh, of course, sorry. I was just thinking about it the other day and saw something that I wished I could have taken a photograph of, and can’t remember what it was now, and jumped to this, forgetting what you had said in the first place!
        Thanks anyway.

      1. Well actually I’m a foundation student at Chelsea College of Art and Design, where you held a lecture a little while ago, and I spoke to you briefly afterwards.. If you do ever need any assistance for anything I would be very willing to help 🙂

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