Genetically Modified Egg Improvement Design


What came first the egg cup or the egg? In this case both. I love my dippy egg with soldiers and my GM design shown here would take nature to new heights. Though as my friend Claudia said, ‘that would be rather painful’. If you like this idea check out my two way toothpaste or my home stats doorbell.
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25 thoughts on “Genetically Modified Egg Improvement Design”

  1. Great modification, but yes, this would be painful unless you genetically modify hens to have square bums. Just a thought.

    Love it.

  2. The inventor of the traditional egg carton, Mr Joseph Coyle of Smithers, British Columbia would have to devise a new way of protecting your ‘squeggs’ against stresses exerted during transportation, however.

    But, seen as he’s dead, I guess someone else will have to do it.

  3. the laying wouldn’t be that painful but more a mess.
    Because with the loss of its shape the egg also would lose its static and therefore brake while passing the rectum or at least when it drops on the ground on the ground ^^

  4. did you know that in the egg nature has created a super strong structure.

    Try this out:

    Put an egg in the centre of your palm – try and crush it with one hand…cannae ****** do it

  5. Don’t modify the shape; modify the plasticity of the shell. This isn’t just a “shell game.” Since some reptile eggs have leathery shells, identifying the gene should feasible. A flexible shell material would be easier for the hen to pass and could be molded to any shape. For example, you could flatten it so that hard-boiled eggs come out looking like fried eggs or so that the eggs become stackable like CDs. Flat eggs would cook faster, too. The energy saved would make Dr. Suess’ dream possible: gren eggs and ham! And imagine how much further back one could stand while throwing Frisbee (TM)-shaped eggs at houses, thus allowing the thrower a faster eggscape.

    1. I’m no biologist but wouldn’t you have to modify the hen to conceive this new egg? And wouldnt that be a lot harder than modifying a single egg by itself?

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