Five new Moments in time watch sculptures

I have created five new watch sculptures that are currently on display at Phillips de Pury and La Scatola Gallery. Each watch is a one off. See the pictures and video of them moving below.

Love and Protest, 2011 (Detail)

Love and Protest, 2011
In these times of peaceful protest in the face of armed repression, a protester and soldier kiss.

UC Davis Protest, 2011
I find it disturbing when people in positions of power abuse it and lose any sense of humanity. I was shocked to see the footage of the pepper spraying of people sitting in a peaceful protest at UC Davis. I felt a need to capture this incident in time.

Photograph: Wayne Tilcock/AP

Captured, 2011
CCTV cameras and three people photographing and videoing. Everyone is capturing everyone.

Comfortably Oblivious, 2011
Here two people fail to give up their seat to an elderly woman with walking stick and bags walking round and round.

The Beautiful Game by Dominic Wilcox
The Beautiful Game, 2011
A footballer holds aloft a trophy in the form of a pound symbol (£) as three prospective WAGs fight for his attention.

The Beautiful Game by Dominic wilcox

Love and Protest, UC Davis Protest and Captured are on display at La Scatola Gallery until the 10th of January.
Comfortably Oblivious and The Beautiful Game are on display along with The Sitting Man and Unrequited Handshake at Phillips de Pury until 31 January 2012.

For larger images visit my project website page here
You can see the earlier watch sculptures here

10th Anniversary War Bowls Launched

War Bowl by Dominic WIlcox

Black War Bowl by Dominic Wilcox

To mark the 10th anniversary of the War Bowl I have created two new limited edition versions. The red Battle of Waterloo bowl is made with melted British Artillery and French Infantry figures. The black English Civil War bowl uses Royalists and Republican figures.

The War Bowls, together with limited edition prints of my invention drawings and anti-theft rust bike stickers are available online here here .

The War Bowls are also available over christmas at

Phillips de Pury, 45-47 Brook Street at Claridge’s, London, info here


The Temporium, 65 Monmouth Street,
Seven Dials, Covent Garden,
London WC2H 9DG
see info here

The War Bowl is hand made in small numbers, each bowl is stamped on the base by me with the date.
Each bowl is unique due to it’s hand made nature and comes with a loose set of the soldiers that were used in it’s creation.
The new red and black bowls are limited to an edition of 250 each.