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Day 27: Pencil shelf
September 30, 2010, 10:29 pm
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Today I made a shelf from coloured pencils by glueing them together. I was suprised at how strong it was using two layers of pencils.

Pencil shelf dominic wilcox

Pencil shelf dominic wilcox

Pencil shelf dominic wilcox

The shelf brackets are made by cutting a single pencil case into two parts and glueing together. The sliding doors hide the screws.

This is part of a 30 day Speed Creating project I am doing. Outcomes were exhibited at the Anti – Design Festival between 18th-21st September, Mestakes and manifestos, curated by Daniel Charny, Londonewcastle gallery, 28 Redchurch St, London.
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love it! so colourful 🙂

Comment by maja slimchick

I like this very much :O Is it sturdy enough for books?

Comment by Rebecca

Looks like something you would not want to bump into in the middle of the night! Pointy!

Comment by Caitlin

Like the color effect of all pencils together. Just wondering how strong is the shelf since you only glued the pencils? Can you put books, etc

Comment by artransmitte

This is great! A lovely idea. I’d like to have a go at making something similar – how many gallons of superglue do you need…..

Comment by Katie Wall

This is fantastic – I love it 😀 The brackets are just genius!

Comment by Carmen

awesomeness, what glue do you use?

Comment by Linda

I am so making this! Absolute genius!

Comment by Stephen

I’d love to have one…but I’d probably want to use the pencils!

Comment by signeart

Update: bought the pencil case boxes in 99p store, two for £1.98! Now hunting down cheapest coloured pencils and epoxy glue…

Comment by Stephen

Good point about the points. Looks lovely, but you wouldn’t want to run your hand along it as you browsed.

Comment by blackwatertown

amazing, this rocks

Comment by fred

why did you stop at day 27? wasn’t this a 30 day project? 😦

Comment by Rebeca

You can see all the days by clicking the Speed Creating link on the left or just going to the home page and scrolling down.

Comment by Dominic (admin)

Great work! I really like stuff made out of coloured pencils.I have seen lamps and bowls made from them and a few months ago I made a pencilholder out of pencils:

Comment by Svend Sønderby

This is really a creative and colorful shelf, however, I kinda scare with the sharp side pointing out like that.

Comment by Green Design

I’d love to see a “How-To” on that! (I’m not sure how you glued them together so perfectly)

Just as great as the “old-skateboard-wardrobe”, easy to recreate but still unique.

Comment by Marius

Great idea, it looks splendid!

What kind of glue did you use?

Comment by A.

Hi there – I saw your work on Craft and just had to feature it on Cuteable too!

Lynsey x

Comment by Lynsey


Comment by Dominic (admin)

Oh wow. I am making one of these.

Comment by Emma Louise Layla

i’ve never come across such an incredible brain.

Comment by Liberty Wright

lame….give me an L an A an E and an E….what does it spell??LAME LAME LAEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by yoona


Comment by Dominic (admin)

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