Invention in the Space station

As some people here know I started an organisation called Little Inventors to inspire children to become the creative thinkers of the future. We ask children to think up invention ideas, draw them then we ask skilled makers to turn the most interesting into real things for exhibition. Recently, Little Inventors teamed up with the Canadian Space Agency to set a ‘Life in space’ invention challenge. Over 3000 ideas were sent in and over 20 were made into prototypes and models. Amazingly the astronaut Davis Saint Jacques did a live video link from the International Space Station to assembled young inventors at the Canada Wide Science Fair. 2019. See some pictures below of some of the ideas…

It was great to see a child’s invention drawing on a Little Inventors drawing sheet floating around the Space Station.

This was an idea to make life more fun and also to get around the moon quicker, a roller coaster on the moon

I made this into a model with a crank to turn the moon…

The great designers based in Canada, Radical Norms made a brilliant version of the space suit for pets by Ella age 11.

Designer James Plant made 3 objects including these working space tool gloves, an idea by Eimaan age 10.

This is an amazing collaboration between Opal age 12 and expert animator and model maker Chloe Rodham.

The live video link from the International Space Station by astronaut David Saint Jacques for the final presentation of winners of the Little Inventors Life in Space challenge.

To see more visit this page on the Little Inventors website here.
The project was brought to Canada by NSERC.

For more info on Little Inventors and see over 10000 invention ideas visit

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