Arguing with my iron


In the future we will develop relationships with inanimate objects. I fully expect I will love the humour of my sofa that comments on the tv show I’m watching. I’ll smile at the front door as it welcomes me home and tells me the gossip spreading amongst the furnishings upstairs. We all like people with a good personality and technologists will always try to turn objects into things that make us feel good. I don’t think that robots need to look human. They can be simple, like this robot spoon I designed for Kelloggs. Adding two nicely animated eyes makes you feel like this object has a life and has thoughts. It’s lack of arms and helplessness makes me want to pick it up and look after it. (Thanks to my friends Florian Dussopt and Seb Lee-Delisle for their help and skills giving the spoon life.)



Robot Spoon by Dominic Wilcox for Kelloggs


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