The greatest moments of my life: #37

I’m currently living in Berlin for a couple of months in an area called Kreuzberg. It’s very laid back and everything seems slower than London. Within this relaxed pace I’m appreciating the small things in life. Here is a short video of something I enjoyed doing today, one of those little, special moments. Some people may know what I mean, others won’t.

22 thoughts on “The greatest moments of my life: #37”

  1. Oh I know what you mean. The fact you used a spoon made me feel slightly guilty cause that’s the way I eat Nutella most of the time….with a spoon!!

  2. i agree, but the experience is quickly ruined when the foil lid cannot be completely removed from the top of the jar. there is always a small triangle of the foil paper attached to the glue line around the edge. you have to get some white spirit to get it all off, and then the nutella smells of white spirit which is bad.

    Yesterday i removed a particularly long and painful splinter and it came out in one bit. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

  3. great! the next step is to use your finger! it gives another thrill-level to find the right dose of power not to punch into the brown mass (at least pretending) after breaching the metallic foil while trying to produce the same sound a spoon does.

    welcome to berlin btw

  4. I open a new can of coffee and the vacuum seal is broken and the aroma burst is amazing. It’s a moment of pure bliss.

  5. My sister and I used to take turns to pop the seal on Nescafé jars when we were small. My mother even used to save it up as a ‘treat’, though we always did with the non-spoon end of the teaspoon. It still evokes funny childhood memories, though I moved on from crappy instant coffee a long time ago…

  6. I understand the anticipation and the reward of the act. However, have you ever run a pin around the edge of a taught cellophane window of a cake box (for example). Cellophane packs are increasingly difficult to come by but the reward of watching the serrated edge following the line of the pin as it draws across the pack is sublime. I have many childhood memories of this pursuit, way above the level of say drawing an implement around the circumference of a foiled jar. Try it and discover. Maybe Tunnocks chocolate teacakes still have this packaging?

  7. Breaking the foil is clearly the climax of Nutella[TM] joy. I prefer to slit the border with my fingernail – this leaves almost no foil on the jar and has a touch of “Jack the Ripper”.

  8. Oh yeah! This is totally one of the greatest moments in life!
    I just noticed that everyone has own crazy methods to enjoy this moment best (i make a full-circle cut with my fingernail). For Germans, Nutella is a religion itself, i guess 🙂

    Have fun in Berlin!

  9. Taking the plastic off of a new DVD: If you run a pen across the taut part over the dip in the side of the DVD, the plastic separates with a uniform waviness. It gets me every time.

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