Pre-Handshake Handshake Device

Many people in the world seem to be at war with each other. We see families split through disagreements, gang warfare on the streets, politicians arguing, whole civilisations and religions constantly battling. This device aims to help those who are at odds with each other make a first move toward reconciliation.

The Pre-Handshake Handshake Device is currently on display at the Uncomfortable Conversations exhibition in New York please visit and use if you need to make up with someone. To buy the device for your home, office or embassy please email me. For more info and pictures please visit my main site here.


salty thumb lolly
I used to suck a finger when I was young and my Nana said it would get smaller if I kept sucking. Then one morning I compared the sucked finger with the unsucked and was horrified to see that it was actually smaller. I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricks but that moment will live with me forever.