Day 28: Inflated socks

Balloons are great, I’ve had some good fun with them over the years and socks are just one of those excellent inventions. So I thought why not bring the two together? By inserting a balloon into a sock and inflating, the sock stretches to its fullest capacity.

Sock lamp DOminic Wilcox

I then thought if I coat them in clear resin the socks could remain in that shape. I didn’t have enough time in the day and the resin I used didn’t harden quick enough so I improvised.

Sock lamp DOminic Wilcox

Sock lamp DOminic Wilcox

In my resin testing at first I was trying to get the balloon out but then decided to let it stay in as it stuck to the inside of the sock when I pop it, giving an extra layer of strength but also adding a colour.

Sock lamp DOminic Wilcox

sock lamp dominic wilcox

I will continue this one and make a sock lamp collection.

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