Day 26: Bread vases

Continuing my investigation into bread I created some bread vases. I used tin foil as a base on which to wrap the bread dough. I decided to overlap the dough and keep the seam which seemed a natural method of joining the rolled dough. I always think it is best to let a material go where it wants and take a natural form under guidance. I started sealing the vases with resin and varnish and i will report back in the future.

Bread Vase Dominic Wilcox

Bread Vases Dominic Wilcox

I enjoy waiting to see how the heat and the baking process affects the dough. I’m learning what is possible and how to solve issues as I go along. The imperfections, curves and leans in the vases are something I am excited about.

Bread Vase Dominic Wilcox

The stage of creating the foil base is essential to the final form.

Bread Vase Dominic Wilcox

This is part of a 30 day Speed Creating project I am doing. Outcomes were exhibited at the Anti – Design Festival between 18th-21st September, Mestakes and manifestos, Londonewcastle gallery, 28 Redchurch St, London. You can follow my progress on Twitter and Facebook, Click here to view all the days so far in a row.

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11 thoughts on “Day 26: Bread vases”

  1. Beautiful. These pieces are very resonant, a working with archetypes, icons, and the basic materials of culture.

    I could imagine a vase for wheat. I was also thinking about a bread bra.

  2. enough with the bread stuff, dude. it was fun at first, but i think you’ve mastered the art of dough enough to start eating it.

    on a more pleasant side, your work is awesome.

    1. Glad you like my work. My bread adventures are all interesting to me so I
      will have to politely decline your demand. However I am happy that you are
      interested in my work enough to actually complain, I must be getting

      1. yeah, it’s very cool and inventive. sorry for the grumpiness in the previous comment, you’re actually quite right, i am interested enough.

        now we need to know what happened to all that bread. is it moldy yet?

  3. i agree to the above: i.e. nice project! but! enough with the bread! 1st time is fun but then everything from bread etc – gets a bit boring 😦 i.e. anyone cd do it, and i know you are much more genious than that :)) keep up the good work!

    1. Hello, I answered this a little above. I understand that some people get
      bored at different things, that’s ok. Anyone could do any of my work, but
      strangely they don’t and why should they. Again thanks for your views but
      I find my experiments in bread exciting so will continue.

  4. Are the bread vases still going strong? This looks like something a good friend of mine would love, so I’m thinking of making it for her for Christmas, if you don’t mind me stealing your idea. Is the varnish you used an expensive one? I’ve never worked with varnish before.

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