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Speed Creating – my 30 day project starting today
September 1, 2010, 5:48 pm
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update: See the finished project index here

I have been invited by curator Daniel Charny to take part in the Anti Design Festival‘s Mistakes and Manifestos events. I am starting a new project called ‘Speed Creating’ where I attempt to do something creative each day for 30 days (gulp). Large or small, quick or time consuming I have no idea where it will take me. The project is from today the 1st of September until the 30th. So keep checking back each day, I will probably update late at night every day. Objects created during this project will be shown during the London design Festival, Mestakes and Manifestos, 18-21st September as part of the Anti – Design Festival at the Londonewcastle project space, 28 Redchurch st. Here is the official description…

Speed Creating
“Each day for 30 days I will make a new object, installation or creative intervention while going about my daily life. At home, in the studio, on the train or wherever my day takes me, I will attempt to make something that interests me creatively and then quickly document it on the M&M website (and here) via photographs, drawings or video. Each day I will receive a small budget of £10 for materials.
I believe that this self-imposed project with it’s constraints on time and money will force me to take an instinctive and experimental approach. The fear of failure and the usual time spent thinking through the potential pitfalls of a project will not be an option and I will need to react swiftly to my thoughts, observations and experimental outcomes discovered along the way. I am not focused solely on the final objects or images but on the creative journey I take. Complete failures are expected and embraced.”

I will document each day on this site but more pictures and details will be on the soon to be launched

UPDATE: The project is finished and you can see the index of all the days here << here
Thanks to the excellent Sarah Roberts who kept me sane and organised enough to get through the project.


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Interesting. Bonne chance!

Comment by David

This is a great idea.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
Its looking pretty good so far. The pop up train tray is great!

Comment by The Fake Sartorialist

[…] is part of a 30 day Speed Creating project I am doing. Final outcomes will be exhibited at the Anti – Design Festival 18th-26th […]

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[…] is part of a 30 day Speed Creating project I am doing. Final outcomes will be exhibited at the Anti – Design Festival between […]

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[…] attachment. I ran out of time to fix it so it felt a bit of a failure. Which as I say in my project description, I embrace and learn […]

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I’m inspired! Thinking about what I can do for 30 days to challenge myself and open up to the possibilities… thank you for making me think about this…

Comment by Shannon


Comment by Dominic (admin)

[…] 21, 2010 I compltely love the concept of this 30 day crafting project and I really wish I had the creativity to embark on something like […]

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[…] is part of a 30 day Speed Creating project I am doing. Outcomes were exhibited at the Anti – Design Festival between 18th-21st […]

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Whoa, this is just … WOW! (I’m just lacking words to say how WOW this is!)
Just trying around with materials and creating something new everyday, and the creativity of your ideas are reeeeeally, like REEEEEEEALLY cool. Wow. 🙂

Comment by Ellen

i think you should extend this to a 365 day speed creating project -i’ll be sad when your latest idea stops arriving in my inbox daily!

Comment by Layla

oh don’t be sad.

Comment by Dominic (admin)

Fantastic innovations
How creative your mind is
Don’t ever stop

Comment by Modupe Erogbogbo

[…] Wilcox is the creator of this. It’s a part of a 30 day Speed Creating project – exhibited at the Anti – Design […]

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[…] is part of a 30 day Speed Creating project I am doing. Outcomes were exhibited at the Anti – Design Festival between 18th-21st […]

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