8: Toothbrush/Maracas

toothbrush maracas by Dominic Wilcox

Music and plaque removal are rarely connected. So I connected them. Add a little percussion to your dental hygiene with these toothbrush maracas.

Toothbrush Maracas were designed and made by me, Dominic Wilcox for my Selfridges window during the Festival of Imagination starting Jan 7, 2014 onwards. Above photograph of Dominic Wilcox’s object taken by Pec studio.  Check back on my blog lots more of the things I made over the next few days. I’ve got a book coming out this year with lots of inventions, oh and I’m also on twitter here, say hello.

1 thought on “8: Toothbrush/Maracas”

  1. What an interesting contraption. I imagine this could increase the dental hygiene practices of young children as well as brighten up the smiles and mornings of any adult. Then again, the other possibility would be that kids would add it to their toy collection and the brush would never make it to their teeth for being firmly planted in their shaking hands.

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