9: Flying London Taxi

Flying taxi by Dominic Wilcox


Flying Taxi’s above the streets of London.

Trafic in London gets more and more congested every day. The mayor tries his scheme and that but more and more people want to get across the City fast. Here is one of my solutions, a flying Hackney taxi cab. Ok, landing may be challenging the drivers but it will be no problem to London’s great taxi drivers.

Flying Taxi was designed and made by me, Dominic Wilcox for my Selfridges window during the Festival of Imagination starting Jan 7, 2014 onwards. Above photographs of Dominic Wilcox’s objects taken by Pec studio

Check back on my blog lots more of the things I made over the next few days. I’ve got a book coming out this year with lots of inventions, oh and I’m also on twitter here, say hello. 


1 thought on “9: Flying London Taxi”

  1. You might want to add some horizontal tail fins, too. They are where the elevators are locates, which are critical for aerodynamic stability. Even the best of London taxi driver will have trouble flying without them. But they might be able to do a go-splat landing fairly easily, assuming they somehow got off the ground.

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