Seat for the wishywashy

Sitting on the fence seat
In a recent converstation my friend described my views on a particular subject as ‘wishywashy’. It is true that I like to keep an open mind on things and perhaps this seat design would be perfect for me in our future discussions.

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© 2010

10 thoughts on “Seat for the wishywashy”

  1. Just make sure the wood of the seat locks at that second position, or you’ll be falling backwards and forwards!

    Might as well take it further and make the planks on the sides extendable and foldable so that they become arm rests.

  2. lol, this’d be so neat 😀
    but i think that would hurt the inside of your legs, where they hang over. perhaps if it wasn’t quite so long… would your feet just dangle?? i’m 5-7, i think that’d cut off circulation and would hurt as well .
    maybe the bottom half could also flip up. ya know?? that way, there’d be two levels, one for your butt and one for your feet. ya see??

  3. Great for business use – loads of people love sitting on the fence. Wonder if Alan Sugar needs 12 for the apprentice next year?

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