Day 25: Door stop extension

The door stop is a modest thing, quietly getting on with it’s job of keeping the door open. I decided to attempt to reveal it’s true inner strength. Using lengths of wood I extended out from the door stop across the room. The extension does not touch the floor, it is purely supported by the solitary door stop and the strength of it’s wedge under the door.

Door stop Dominic Wilcox

Door stop Dominic Wilcox

Door stop Dominic Wilcox

Door stop Dominic Wilcox

Door stop Dominic Wilcox

2 hours previously my sister had a baby called Holly, I have added her name in the work. Congratulations little sis and Rob, welcome tiny Holly.

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6 thoughts on “Day 25: Door stop extension”

  1. I am humbled by the sweetness of the nod to your Neice. I think anyone would extremely proud to have such an image to celebrate their birth.

    And those doorstops, ay? Immoveable (Although I suppose that’s the point) Still can’t ignore the brilliant simplicity, yet specificity of the laws of physics. Such a robust static entity almost infitinely heavy in it’s stalwart strength, yet easily removed with fingertips merely by sliding it in one direction. Yum.

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