Day 6: Bread Lampshade

Continuing from Day 5’s lightbulb in bread dough experiment I decided to make some lampshades from bread. This time I used used bread flour with no yeast to keep the bread thin, hoping this would increase translucency. First I rolled some bread dough over a metal semi sphere.

After it came out of the oven and I tested it against a lightbulb I decided that it was a little too thick to let enough light through so I decided to drill holes through it.

Bread Lampshade

Bread Lampshade

Bread Lampshade

I then rolled out a large circular shape of dough and draped it over a large glass and put it in the oven.

I dry the bread out until it is hard. I will probably need to seal the bread with varnish to keep it from going mouldy. I think I need to spend more time perfecting the process but it would be great to fill a big room with bread lights.

This is part of a 30 day Speed Creating project I am doing. Final outcomes will be exhibited at the Anti – Design Festival 18th-22nd September, Mestakes and Manifestos, 28 Redchurch St, London. You can follow my progress on Twitter and Facebook, Click here to view all the days so far in a row.

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15 thoughts on “Day 6: Bread Lampshade”

  1. AWESOME! I love playing around with light and these are ingenious as well as look such fun to make – might even try it myself! Could be great as a primary school activity don’t you think? Would love to know how long they’d last as well :]

  2. Brilliant and funny. Strangely I find most of your creations cute in a way. Kinda brings out my creative inner child. Continue your work, it’s fresh and joyful.

  3. This stuff is great! Have been doing my own experiments in the last few months so this is inspirational and glad Iv found it! Currently making a lamp shade from plastic milk bottles which is taking an age! Donno how you turn it around in a day!Wow.

  4. Hi,
    Ya it’s superb…
    Try adding ‘furniture glue’ when bounding a dough and don’t forget to add ‘Boric acid powder’. It works as a preservative. It will prevent ur lamp from fungus. After all it’s a food product.

  5. Fantastic Dominic. Love you work and voted for this site on Weebly. So far removed from all the banal sites I see everyday. Great stuff. XEM

  6. This is wonderful! I am having a small DIY wedding and I think I just found a great romantic lighting solution!

  7. /might/ not need to varnish if you use a load of salt in the dough (which won’t matter if there’s no yeast in it, anyway) and dry it out, like you said…

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