Genetically Modified Egg Improvement Design


What came first the egg cup or the egg? In this case both. I love my dippy egg with soldiers and my GM design shown here would take nature to new heights. Though as my friend Claudia said, ‘that would be rather painful’. If you like this idea check out my two way toothpaste or my home stats doorbell.
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Guaranteed vote rigging solution

Vote rigging avaoidance method

In these times of alleged vote rigging in major elections I thought it was time I put my mind to sorting it out. In my proposal the winner is quite obvious, no more doubts and everyone is happy. Why no one else has thought of this is anyone’s guess. © Dominic Wilcox 2009

Toasting accurately with constant eye contact

Look into eyes and toast glasses easily

Here in Berlin I’ve been told that I must make eye contact whilst ‘clinking’ glasses before drinking. I find it quite impossible to look someone directly in the eye while simultaneously moving my glass forward just enough to delicately touch the other person’s glass. As I stare piercingly into the eye of my friend I try to visualise where my glass is, out of sight below me. My stress levels rise, will it clash awkwardly? or completely miss? This solution uses a one way mirror so that I can give my friend the impression that I am looking him in the eye but in fact I am looking into the mirror and viewing the position of our glasses. Well, someone has to take control. This reminds me of a funny scene in one of my favourite films ‘Young Frankenstein’, the monster is on the run and walks into a blind man’s house. © 2009

The worlds smallest job application

The world's smallest job application

When I was part of a design partnership called ‘mosleymeetswilcox‘ we received many applications for potential work experience candidates. Mostly they were the usual stuff but one day we received an envelope which contained a tiny job application and a helpful magnifying glass from a young designer called Hayley Ho. We loved it and we knew without seeing her other work that she was right for us. That was four years ago and Hayley has since gone on to great things working for one of the worlds leading design companies, Pentagram. © 2009