You’re always on my back

Piggy back seat

My hips have never been angular enough to give comfortable piggy back rides. My rider tends to slip off due to the unceasing pull of gravity combined with my lack of hip ridge. Hopefully this will solve it.

In other news I am exhibiting, amongst other things,  my field made from hundreds of shoes (see last years version here) during the Salone del Mobile in Milan 14th – 19th April. This time I am using even more Terra Plana shoes (500!).  From the practice run in the studio its looking good. The opening is 6pm on the 14th come along and say hello. I will be around most days, if anyone has another exhibition in Milan let me know and I will visit you.

Corso indipendenza 16
20129 milano
map link

5 thoughts on “You’re always on my back”

  1. Love love love “Field”…just watched the video. Your mind is amazing…brilliant…creative. A true artist.

    I’m in awe of your creativity. You never cease to blow my mind.

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