Variations on normal by Dominic Wilcox

Sit down anywhere fashion accessory
July 27, 2009, 1:22 am
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Portable Bottom Seat

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It would also help improve privacy when at an ATM or paying by Chip and PIN 🙂

Comment by John Jameson

i was going to ask why then i think i know what you mean as far as rear protection… 🙂

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

And it can double as feeding bag or a port-a-potty.

Comment by Mouserz

Why aren’t the things you come up with REAL? D:
I would actually like one of these! 😀

Comment by Kate

They are real, you just live in the wrong parallel universe.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

It has a round base though? Would need to be a malleable material so as to seat itself effectively on a surface

Comment by Dan Lane

The two legs form a tripod which is secure enough and the curved base makes it easier to swivle round to a new direction. Yes a soft end is a good idea maybe.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

I thought the same as Dan, maybe a square base, but the tripod/swivel feature totally explains it! Most excellent.

Comment by jake

Also I feel the rounded base gives it a more natural look when standing up. Like it’s more part of the body, wouldn’t want it to stand out and look silly.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

Might I suggest a space hopper type base so you can bounce to work…?

Also, if it was bouncy, it’d be miles better than those enormous inflatable balls you get in the gym. The belt would stop you falling off and looking like the world’s biggest idiot. 🙂

Comment by Dirty Scarab

Bouncing after breakfast is not recommended.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

Better not put it on back to front Dom!

Comment by Barnaby

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