Finger-nose™ Stylus for Touch Screens

I sometimes use my touchphone in the bath. I know it’s stupid. One problem I encounter is that when put my left hand in the water without thinking, it gets wet and unusable for touchscreen navigation. It is too risky to try to hold and navigate with one hand. I found that I could use my nose to scroll but I couldn’t see where my nose was touching precisely. It was at that point that I came up with this idea of a nose extension ‘finger’ that would allow navigation while my phone is firmly held by one hand.

I did send a tweet from the bath last night which was typed as ‘Hello I am tweeting with my nose’ unfortunately due to the phone’s
auto-correct it sent it as…

I lost 2 followers.

It’s also very handy when out and about multi-tasking on a cold day while wearing gloves. I imagine it would be a great accessory for iPad users.

I bought a handheld stylus that I embedded in the plaster nose. The plaster comes mixed with fibres that make it look hairy.

Although this is handy for me in the bath and outdoors it touches on possible uses for people without use of a hand. Though the design could be made more ‘subtle’ for everday use maybe coming from around the neck.

UPDATE: see the amazing amount of press this received here
It was on BBC’s Have I got News for You here

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48 thoughts on “Finger-nose™ Stylus for Touch Screens”

  1. You definetly deserve to win this Webby Award! A finger nose was all I needed to navigate in the bath too!! 🙂 Hope you win.

  2. A great neck training tool!

    May be someone could write a Neck Exercise App to go with it(idea for an other Speed Creating project..) ?



  3. Clever, but please tell me that I’m not the only one who thought of “A Clockwork Orange” upon seeing that.

    1. You’re not. I posted an “Alex” comment on his blog before I read this one. Linked to it through Laughing Squid… Viddy well.

  4. I lost the use of my dominant hand in a workplace accident, so I have experience using handheld devices in unorthodox ways. This does not lookk useful. In fact, I hope you dont consider it “art,” as I consider it offensive.

  5. No! Just no. If for no other reason than the miniscule chance you might die wearing that thing and leave future generations to wonder WTF you were doing.

  6. Hurry-up and trademark/patent and call it “Pinocchio”! I need it availble by my wife’s birthday and please include a set of Ginsu knives!

  7. Insanely ridiculous!!!
    What about using your thumb?

    By the way it might be a great accesory for a carnival costume…

  8. Alse useful for pressing the number keys on a door combination lock when you’ve shopping bags in both hands.

      1. rather than just put one of the bags down for 2 seconds, aye I completely agree! I would actually love to see this 🙂 Just the thoughts of somebody wearing this all day, it warms the cockles of the heart..

  9. If I had one of these, I think I would call it a Pinocchi-Nose.

    And, as the French say, “Eh! And what can you do with your ears?”

  10. If your hands are already full, you still have to stop and strap this thing on your head – which means you are not gaining anything. Unless you plan to wear it everyday, all day, for the rest of your life. Isn’t it just easier to keep a towel next to the bath-tub? No sensible person would ever wear this.

  11. In a word, ‘Undeveloped’.

    There’s a whole lot of un-used storage space ‘tween nostril and knob. But I’d redesign it as a addon to eye glasses. Anchored on one of the arms, much more stream lined and far less likely to get others cracking wise on the wearer with quotes from Cyrano de Bergerac.

  12. finally. But I wonder if you would consider designing a neck brace/holder for the device? This way, you could go hands free – truly. If there was an ear hook attachment, it could be used to adjust volume or even a small mini-maglite just in case of a power cut.

  13. My daughter who does not have the use of her hands (due to cerebral palsy) would love this! Not sure if it would be really accurate or useful long term but what great fun!

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