3: Umbrella with inbuilt plant pots

Dominic WIlcox umbrella

Here I am checking for rain on the streets of London. Photo by Pec studio

In these busy times, the ability to do two things at once is always a welcome bonus. Here I have invented an umbrella that simultaneously allows the watering of your plants while walking in the rain.

This idea was one of the first I came up when I sat down to think up the ideas for my Selfridges window at the Festival of Imagination.


My sketch of the idea.


The plant pots are attached to the umbrella fabric with perfect holes cut around the pot rim.


After attaching the plant pots, the tray is added to catch any excess water.

Plant pot umbrella by Dominic Wilcox

The Plant Pot Umbrella hanging in my Selfridges window, Oxford st.

Umbrella with inbuilt plant pots was designed and made by me, Dominic Wilcox for my Selfridges window during the Festival of Imagination starting Jan 7, 2014.  Check back on my blog lots more of the things I made over the next few days. I’ve got a book coming out this year also,oh and I’m also on twitter here

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