Finger-Nose hits headlines

I’ve been amazed at the amount of press my latest post has received. I’ve just heard it will be on the popular UK programme Have I Got News For You on BBC 2 tonight (14/5/11) at 9pm. It’s one of my favourite shows and I am preparing myself to be humorously (hopefully) abused in front of the nation. UPDATE For those who missed me on Have I got News For You bbc2 its here.

I was interviewed by Paul Coyte yesterday on the UK’s national radio station Gold you can listen to it here…

America’s national public radio NPR did a nice little piece on it here…

It has been featured on The Discovery channel in Canada see here (after the ads)

It was also in the Metro newspaper in London.
And it’s been all over the web. It is interesting how things start spreading out across different media.

To go to the original Finger-Nose post click here

20 thoughts on “Finger-Nose hits headlines”

  1. Wow congrats! Your imaginative mind brought you there actually! Everyone including ME was intrigue with all of your post! Sometimes, it leaves a smile on my face or sometimes it gives me a big laugh..he he he..

  2. You were also included on one of my favorite websites,, for a big tech magazine in america. Its a shame that are you are recognized more for this instead of some of your more amazing ideas. Please post more often

  3. There’s a lot of one armed people who use their cellphones without this invention…it’s called an opposable thumb.

    1. As I said in my post the risk of dropping a phone in the bath is high if holding and using the thumb. With this idea I can hold it securely and navigate with nose. Also when it is cold and the person has glove/s on then their ‘opposable thumb’ is useless.

      1. maybe make gloves with the rubber nibs?

        isn’t there always a risk of dropping the phone in the bath? If your phone could talk I bet it would greatly protest being dangled within an inch of its life over it’s worst nightmare, all the while being prodded by a strange appendage.

  4. oh and a suction thing for the wall that holds your phone, combined with your nose thingy, would allow for completee hands free operation. just imagine the bathing possibilities.

  5. you also made it into TIME MAGAZINE! sorry for shouting, but isn’t that a hoot? specifically november 28, 2011 issue, page 76 in a list of “The worst inventions” of the year. The nose-mounted touchscreen stylus is number 6 in a list of 6. No credit or mention of name, but those of us in the nose knows…

    if you can’t find it and want a clipping, contact me.

    1. oh, just wanted to add that in my enthusiasm, i forget to cushion the fact that the list category might not make you that excited to be featured. but i think/hope you have the sense of humour to be flattered…

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