Webby Awards Nominee!

I am happy to say that this website VariationsonNormal.com has been nominated for a prestigious Webby award in the Personal website/blog category. If you like my website it would be wonderful if you could take a minute to vote for this site here. The Webby Awards are often described as the Oscars for websites and are now in their 15th year.

For new visitors, VariationsonNormal.com is where I put my sketchbook ideas and experiments. On the left you can see a list of categories for easy navigation. Recently I completed a project called Speed Creating where I made something creative each day for 30 days.

Webby nomination Variations on Normal

6 thoughts on “Webby Awards Nominee!”

  1. I’m impressed by your imagination, sense of humor and way of simplifying things. Very nicely drawn too.
    I gave my vote to you, and I hope you win!!!

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