Day 1: Bubbly Balls

Day one of this Speed Creating project and I found some polystyrene balls in a craft shop. I liked the different sizes and decided that I could maybe do something interesting with them.

I wanted to join them together to create a bubbly object. After trying different glue I realised that they just don’t work or melt the balls or take too long to set so I decided to use needles as a way to connect them by pushing half a needle into one ball and the other half in another.

I started joining balls but realised it wasn’t easy as in order to create strength in the ball structure each ball needed to connect to two or three others. The needles were difficult to push into more than one other ball at the same time. Eventually I got somewhere and created a mass of bubbly balls. Could develop in many directions, I like the look of it but needs a stronger method of connecting….

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8 thoughts on “Day 1: Bubbly Balls”

  1. I’d like to see these lit from within the structure. You could make a chandelier with them using a light source that doesn’t put out much heat, or a table lamp or even a lampshade.

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