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A twist on burials
April 8, 2011, 12:02 am
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Save space in the graveyard, use the tomb stone as a screw handle.

This is a drawing I showed back in september 2008 in the design and architecture magazine Icon.
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There’s actually a patent for this idea, filed back in 2006, which you can read at

The pictures are fantastic, especially the design for a crank to allow a person to be interred by two people by hand, and a system for easy attachment of symbols on the top.

Somehow I like yours better with a whole gravestone attached, using that as the handle.

Comment by Alexander

cancel the mass production! well I’m not too sure you could hear the prayers as that big machine screws it in.

Comment by Dominic (admin)


Comment by Elizabeth

Very funny. Just popped over to have a look as I see that your site has been nominated for a Webby award – congratulations!

Of course, I’m disappointed not to have been nominated, but early days…

Comment by Stewie

Thank you

Comment by Dominic (admin)

he he he…makes me smile.

Comment by Freelancers Guide

screw death

Comment by Jimma

Handy for grave robbers as well: they can screw out the coffin, steal the body and screw it back in again. No tedious digging, and no disturbed earth to reveal their activities!

Comment by Martin


Comment by Dominic (admin)

What happened to six feet deep? Do you want rotting head or rotting feet 5 cm below ground?

Comment by Even

Prefer rotting head top, rotting feet would be far too smelly.

Comment by Dominic (admin)

And I’d very much see your sketch on the machine that screws it in the ground, would be a brute one…

Comment by Even

no i am strong, eat spinach and stuff.

Comment by Dominic (admin)

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