I Nibbled Britain out of Jaffa Cakes

McVitie’s, the biscuit people, challenged me to create some British themed creations using their Jaffa Cakes. I took my inspiration from friends who described their strange and unique methods of eating them. I started to nibble and pick away, going through 30 boxes of Jaffa Cakes to try to get shapes that fitted with my British themed ideas. One problem I had was when I got distracted by the radio and then looked back to see I had eaten the Loch Ness monster. See the video and pictures of what I came up with below.

Stonehenge Jaffa Cake

Stonehenge Jaffa Cake
The sunset effect was achieved by shining a light through the Jaffa Cakes orange wrapper. I like the realistic reflection.

The white cliffs of Dover

Tower Bridge

Set up with a plastic bag.

The Loch Ness Monster Jaffa Cakes
The Loch Ness Monster

The Queen's Guards Jaffa Cakes
The Queen’s Guards (The ones with the big bear skin hats outside Buckingham palace)

The Union Jack flag Jaffa Cakes
The Union Jack flag

Queen's head on coin Jaffa Cakes
Queen’s head on coin

The Thames Jaffa Cakes
The Thames river

All of them.

You can follow my future creations on twitter or facebook. Or have a look at the other things I’ve made on this site using the menu on the left or visit my main project site here.
Thanks goes out to Joe McGorty who helped me get the photographs done.

21 thoughts on “I Nibbled Britain out of Jaffa Cakes”

    1. Reminds me of the inflatable school for balloons into which one pupil brought a pin – which was strictly prohibited.
      You can guess what happened.
      Afterwards the head teacher said: “You’ve let yourself down, you’ve let me down and you’ve let the whole school down.”

      Lighten up Mr or Ms Anon. This is inspired. I love it.

  1. Excellent creative ideas that just proves what you can do if you explore your imagination well done. I wonder if we will see your creations on TV in a future jaffa cake ad?

  2. Dominic, I always enjoy your work. This really made me smile. You make the Designer’s job look fun! Great reminder of what we all should be focusing on…..CREATIVITY ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you or as we say where I live Merci. You are the essence of a creative person and I thoroughly enjoy following your work.
    VA de Paris

  4. What you’re doing’s cutely impressive, but it’s not exactly “Britain” when the only icon you nibble from outside the south of England is a made-up creature. Just sayin’.

    1. What do you mean a made up creature? Haven’t you seen the movie with Ted Danson? I’m from Sunderland, so not a southerner so don’t worry that there has been some southern bias :). The fact is I wanted to find things that were recognisable to people in this and other countries that I could do interestingly in Jaffa Cakes. You can’t be too subtle with tiny, crumbly cakes. Most world wide famous things are found in the south unfortunately due to history. A northern one I tried was the Angel of the north but it was a bit dull in Jaffa Cake form. If you (or anyone out there) have examples of more northern things I could have done that are widely recognisable ‘and’ an interesting way to make from Jaffa Cakes please get back to me and add to my site some ideas. It’s all good.

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