Day 19: Bread objects

I wanted to mix bread with some existing structure so chose a couple of items for the baking treatment. Firstly the Philippe Starck lemon squeezer which is very sleek and stylish, perfect to be breadified.

Bread stark lemon squeezer

Dough took a while to wrap around the squeezer.

Starck bread lemon squeezer

starck bread squeezer Dominic Wilcox

Made me hungry for lemon curd on crispy bread.

Dominic Wilcox Bread squeezer starck

Attempt at stylish shot in style of.

bread plaster

I had the idea to mix plaster with the flour to see if it made a super strong bread.

Bread hammer

Thought I would make the grip comfortable for me.

Bread Hammer

The Plaster-Bread has the nice crack/crustiness of bread but loses the brown colour. More testings of this new material are imminent.

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4 thoughts on “Day 19: Bread objects”

  1. Google “salt dough” and you will find a lot of pictures and recipes for bread projects. You can even colour the dough with any water based paint.

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