sorry what was your name again?

I am terrible at remembering names, this is down to mental lazyness and there is no excuse. However sometimes technology makes up for our shortcomings which is why I came up with this GPS name awareness unit.

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16 thoughts on “sorry what was your name again?”

  1. où peut on se procurer ce GPS très spécial ??? Merci d’avance car je me retrouve assez souvent dans ce type de situation !!!!

      1. Merci pour la réponse !! Maintenant j’ai besoin d’un GPS pour le trouver !!!!

  2. I wish I had something like that. All I can do in situations like that is ask something like “What did you say you preferred to be called?” in the hope that they have a nickname or that their name could have one.

  3. Brilliant idea- My wife usually performs this function for me! : )

    What’s sad is that your illustration looks like a general snapshot of our world as it exists currently. Glued to incredible (and incredibly distracting) technology, all wonderfully designed to feel perfect in our hands. Terribly addicting.

  4. I remember once being in that situations and I asked “So how do you spell your name?” in the hope that they have a name that could be spelt differently to then be told “The only it can be spelt” … it went downhill much quicker at that point!

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