Chocolatey finger biscuits

Chocolatey finger biscuits

Like all Englishmen I enjoy a nice cup of tea at 4pm each day.  One of the joys of tea drinking is dunking a chocolate biscuits (cookies) in it. I’m refering to those lovely plain biscuits that have melted chocolate on top. I like the way the chocolate melts on contact with the tea but I don’t like how it gets all over your fingers when you hold it. Here is a solution that came out of a chat with Richard Shed and Thorsten van Elten at, yet again, a pub. (c) 2009 Dominic Wilcox

19 thoughts on “Chocolatey finger biscuits”

  1. But what about if you want the biscuit handle to be chocolate-dipped too? Maybe you can make the biscuit handle a ring handle than a solid circle or shape. It could make handling easier as the solid handle can crack if you hold it too hard. Also, you won’t have to worry about dipping the handle. And Also, if the ring handle is roughly finger diameter, you can wear many biscuits in each finger!

    This might cause frustration in those with bananafingers though, so maybe the sizes of the handles can vary? It won’t look very elegant but It’s more accommodating to the ever-diverse human genepool.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but these already exist in the Netherlands. They even developed a special non-melt chocolate so you can hold it.

      1. i don’t think he was claiming to have invented the art of dipping choccy biccies in tea here. =/

      2. Im from Holland as well, and these chococlate cookies excist for at least 10 years already… The part you hold in your fingers is the area where the non melting chocolate is placed. Its made in a long shape because you can use it to stir your coffer, or gradually eat a part of the cookie at a time.

        So basically its your design but perfected, sorry to burst your bubble dude 😛

  2. Are you people crazy?! The best part is HAVING chocolatey fingers. Why not phase out the biscuits altogether so we can get straight to chocolatey finger muckiness? It could also act as an indicator of how fun people are in bed.

    1. Thanks for the link but no apology necessary, I don’t think it takes anything away from this design. It’s great that people are contributing to the discussions on my site, particularly from big companies. It’s interesting how a single ‘concept’ can be expressed in a different way and give a very different reaction. I can only say what goes through my mind and people may disagree but I’ll put forward my defence… The Leibzin biscuit pictured seems to use the concept of a chocolateless area left bare to hold the biscuit. I’m sure it is very tastey and I like that the company is thinking creatively. However when I look at it visually I don’t feel so much excitement. What I like about my drawing is the fact that the standard circular biscuit is untouched. All that is done is the little addition of a ‘handle’ attachment. For some reason that makes me smile. It’s fun to me that the shape of a simple biscuit can be designed with function in mind. The little handle communicates the idea simply without any descriptive words needed. I find that more interesting than leaving a space on a rectangular chocolate which doesn’t seem to communicate quite so directly. But that is just my personal opinion.
      I also like seeing shapes I haven’t seen before, there’s something in my brain that gets excited by things I havent seen. Biscuits are generally circular (my preference) or rectangular (like the leibniz one). I just find the shape of the one here more ‘suprising’ and less familiar. So yes the starting concept is similar but I think I’d buy the design shown here ahead of the rectangular ones, though I’m sure they taste great. If any biscuit manufacturer out there wants to use the design on this site just contact me. What does everyone think about my observations on this biscuit or design in general? Agree/disagree? Leave a comment…

  3. Yeah, sure there a fancy sticks half-covered in chocolate out there, but what makes this truly great is the fact that you don’t mess with the basic concept of the biscuits, you just add a nice little holdy-blob. Love it. Love the sketch as well.

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