Variations on normal by Dominic Wilcox

Hello darkness my old friend
August 11, 2009, 2:12 pm
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silent balloon popping box

Aug 11th, 2009


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six finger glove is next?

Comment by Mouserz

buy five get one free! haha

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

It’s common knowledge that the majority of six fingered people hate the sound of popping balloons… It messes up their 3 million wpm on the typewriter.

Comment by Dirty Scarab

I’m worried that this would simply amplify the sound – forcing all of the noise through that little pin size hole.

Did you think about putting another box around that box?

Comment by jono

stand back, that pin will travel.

Comment by james

The balloon would have to be snug enough as to not move away when prodded with the needle. Or just close enough to the hole. Or something.

Comment by jake

I love it. What could you do with the sound of a cork from a bottle?

Comment by carina amaral

It would be more private for the balloon if it was not see through. But that would not make for a very interesting illustration.

Comment by Elizabeth

I admire your sensitivity for the feelings of the balloon.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

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