10 thoughts on “Climb ‘n Dine”

  1. does the oven use gas with cooking rings ?
    if so you should locate the oven/cooker at the top otherwise you will be roasted when using the chopping board. of all the daftest things !

  2. Could you help. we have a passageway/alley here in harringay that crosses many roads. One road in particular is a rat run and the cars go too fast threatening the little kids that use the alley to/from school. if you want to see the crossing point goto: http://www.harringayonline then the search box top right when you have the main page enter ‘ dangerous crossing, warham road’ (you might have to ‘join’ the site temporarily but you could always leave afterwards. i think you could come up with a great idea in line with your other ideas. i think it would be a jolly wheeze. james walsh (i suggested a ‘cut & cover’ tunnel for the cars)

  3. Yep, that’d certainly negate the effects of a good ol’ fry up. Also no more random detritus that gathers over time under the fridge! (mainly things like odd socks, usb flash drives, skittles, dead sparrows etc that my cat likes to shove under there).

    I do think though that Rumbelows repairmen might balk at the idea… 😀

  4. call me a traditionalist but i also chop food while other food is cooking did you respond to my earlier request ?

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