Super deluxe British train accessory found

Who says that British trains lack glamour? I was on a train recently and beside me was this sunglasses holder.

Super deluxe British train accessories found

This reminds me of some things I made a while ago.

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11 thoughts on “Super deluxe British train accessory found”

  1. As a frequent traveller on the British railway system I can definitely say that there are no holders specifically for sunglasses. While the design may allow for storage of sunglasses – as illustrated – believe me there is no way that in this country, with this climate would it ever be a necessary feature.

  2. How could these comments be any more stupid? Miss the point much? Hang out with more artists, fools. You rock, Mr. Dominic. Who would have thought British Rail would cater to such a specific need? Kudos to them.

  3. I get the idea. But, I still think its trash. We will rue the day “artists” leaned to use wordpress.

  4. Haha, I love it. My car has a sunglasses holder, unfortunately it is only big enough to hold one lens. That’s bad design right there šŸ˜¦

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