If I ruled the world: 1# Cleaning up the streets

Punishment for LitterersThis weeks thought popped into my head as a method of relieving my passive aggressive rage on seeing someone throw something out his car window.

7 thoughts on “If I ruled the world: 1# Cleaning up the streets”

  1. How can we makes this a reality. My mum always said that on the say of judgement, whatever that might be, all the litter you had dropped would come back and stick to you. Imagine that.

  2. Oh yes oh yes oh yes! Let’s do it…make it so. My #1 pet peeve is littering including the assholes that don’t pick up poop after their dogs!

    Love the idea and the graphic. The litter-bug is in there naked right? So that all the trash and pollutants are touching them… affecting them. Serves ’em right!

  3. I was walking behind a group of 18-yr old guys. One dumped out his gallon “big gulp” on the path in front of me, and dropped the cup. I muttered something like “You dropped something”. Next thing the pack was upon me, punching and kicking, and shouting “What makes this your business?” (It’s MY park too!) Of course, they were long gone before the cops came.

    Yep. Suitable punishment indeed.

    And people who dump chemicals illegally should be made to swim in it daily, but hey, now I’m sounding bitter (sorry).

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