My World Cup Final shirt of indecision

I can’t decide who to support in this world cup final between Holland and Spain. Therefore I will be wearing half of one and half of the other joined via a zip front and back.
Update: Halfway through the match I took off the Holland half shirt, bit too aggressive I think. I look a little silly though.

8 thoughts on “My World Cup Final shirt of indecision”

  1. You didn’t REALLY wear that did you? That would mean you defaced two lovely and quite pricey national jerseys. Although I am impressed with the zipper deal.

  2. You should have made them double-sided, with the inside of the orange side red, and the inside of the red side orange. That way when you decided to turn fully loyal to one team, you could flip the other one and zip it up!

  3. The concept represents to me “diunital”–when I teach my grad students in psychology, that things dont have to be “one or the other” sometimes, things are “both/and”

    Love the work!

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