Variations on normal by Dominic Wilcox

Social training device
July 13, 2010, 8:54 am
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Feeble handed people please book early, tickets going fast.

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There needs to be some sort of consequence for letting go, maybe spikes or something, to encourage a determined grip.

Comment by Bill

and I thought I was twisted…

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

I think you are missing the importat part: it’s not how strong the hand shake is, but the attitude added into it.

Comment by JBantha

of course the attitude is important but this is to help those whose hand feels like a chilled out jellyfish in my hand.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

great stuff !

Comment by carolg1849


Comment by mrdominic (admin)

This is definitely your most gripping idea so far…

Comment by Scottish Nature Boy

Clever clogs

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

Perfect Dominic! I hate those weak handshakes too.

@Scottish Nature Boy: *chuckle*

Comment by wild-ting

Thanks Miss Ting

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

This is SO needed.

Comment by Géraldine

We are SO seeing this in the funfair next year.

Comment by Black Jeopardy

Great post! But after this, I fear people will never let go of a handshake!

Comment by Essex SEO

My dad would actually love this one… and maybe add some sort of glasses to make people look at you in the eyes when they shake your hand…

Comment by Rebeca

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