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je ne regrette rien (ish)
November 10, 2009, 12:10 pm
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tombstone speaker system for regrets

I have a regret that I didn’t say  ‘I love you’ enough to someone  before they passed on. I was shy and quiet as a child and I think those direct words just didn’t come out as often as they should have. Shyness can cause so many regrets about things that should have been said but weren’t.

Nov 10th, 2009


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spooky & morbid. like my ear goo. you win.

Comment by Vincent Price

disturbing but oh so brilliant. your wit never fails

Comment by Calvin

Thank you Calvin, always interesting to hear what people think particularly when I put forward ideas that deal with the more uncomfortable issues in life.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

I really like this. My boyfriend would definitely go for it on the proviso that, before his death, he could record some responses so that occasionally – but not always – it would reply.

Comment by Mary

ha! I like the ‘but not always’ bit, makes it more natural.

Comment by mrdominic (admin)

That’s really beautiful!

I guess if you don’t believe in religion or spirituality then you can trust in technology.

Comment by Granny

If only this actually would work…very clever and also very soulful.

Comment by Sophie Austen

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