Show me your shoes!

In 2000 I saw a documentary about the Royal College of Art on BBC2 that  focused on a course called Design Products. There was an artist on the course and the projects seemed to be very conceptual, ideas based, so I decided to apply.

When I walked into the interview room there were about six people standing around a table looking at my sketchbooks. A man said ‘show me your shoes, show me your shoes!’ This confused me at first but later I learned that he was refering to a drawing in my sketchbook (shown above). This man turned out to be Ron Arad, a famous designer and architect. Luckily I was accepted on the course based on this and my other sketched ideas.

10 thoughts on “Show me your shoes!”

  1. I want these shoes. I used to have a little pendant with a hinged lid and a tiny space inside, and for awhile I kept 1/10th of a potato chip in there just in case I needed it!

  2. Very cool. With all the snow recently, I wondered about shoes that had a ‘grit’ compartment that could extrude a little grit with each step to give you grip 🙂

  3. So after a trip to your local supermarket would you transport your food home in your shoes like this?

    I might avoid it when I’m buying eggs and milk incase I need to run and catch the bus home…although this could be handy if I was going to have scrambled eggs when I get in! 🙂

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