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Between your thoughts and mine
April 2, 2012, 12:29 pm
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During this year’s Milan design week I will be spending 6 days at the Making Together event in Ventura Lambrate. The theme of the event is participation and collaboration and I was asked to come up with an idea of what I could make there.

My project is titled ‘Between your thoughts and mine’ and attempts to symbolise the connection between two people sharing their knowledge and ideas. It is inspired by the knowledge that our mind holds all the things we’ve ever seen and experienced, and ideas come about by linking these apparently unconnected things together.

My plan is to attempt to build a tree like network of sticks and stick shaped, everyday objects, attached to two chairs using duct tape. The public (that’s you my friend) are invited to bring sticks that can be added to the structure including brushes, walking sticks, a flute, a tennis racket in fact anything that has a stick shape is welcome.

This completely improvised method of making has an unpredictable outcome, it will start by me attaching a stick to a chair leg with some tape and then continuing to build upwards, connecting stick to stick. My aim is to try to connect the stick networks of two chairs together to create a bridged ‘conversation’ between them. The only parts touching the floor are the chair legs.

I asked the organisers to find two chairs and some sticks to get started and then ask the public to bring their own sticky things to add to it. I have no idea what this will turn out like in reality but something will happen. If you are in Milan pop in and say hello (and bring a sticky thing).

Edit. The idea was influenced in part by my earlier door stop extension idea I did during my Speed Creating project.

Making Together: Milan Design Week
April 17th – 22nd 2012.
Ventura Lambrate Spazio Logotel,
via Ventura 15


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Reminds me a little of your doorstop during your 30-Day creativity challenge. I’m looking forward to seeing the results- good luck!

Comment by Shannon

Yes that was my first idea to make a bigger one then I altered it. Thanks

Comment by Dominic (admin)

What you are doing for your life? Your work?

Comment by Alex

This is it!

Comment by Dominic (admin)

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