Day 17: Project exhibit creation

The opening party for the Anti design festival was today and so I had to go in and build/design a way of showing the things I have made during my one a day speed creating project so far. I had a large column in the middle of the room to work around. The Anti design festival is very much anti ‘slick’ so I knew I could just make it up as I went along in a speedy way with lots of Gaffa tape. The videos I have made are also projected on a large screen within the ‘Mestakes and Manifestos’ room. If you are new here go to the main page to see all the day projects so far. My installation and the many other works by other people are on show until the 21st sept (adf continues till 26th) at the LondonNewcastle gallery, 28 Redchurch st, London. map

anti design festival

Anti design festival Dominic Wilcox

Anti design festival Dominic Wilcox


On visiting the space I saw some pizza boxes used by some people the previous night. I asked if anyone was using them and they werent. I thought that the fast food nature of the boxes fitted with ‘speed creating’ and so I would make some shelves from them.

anti design festival Dominic Wilcox

anti design festival

anti design festival

anti design festival

used some more fast food things in these chinese take away boxes.

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4 thoughts on “Day 17: Project exhibit creation”

  1. The creations are sweet, but i’m not sure that the speed “home made” presentation style is the best way to show them.
    Need some contrast.

    1. The exhibition design and build was one of my speed creating days. No time or need for slickness. It was shown in the Anti-design festival which was a direct reaction against slick presentation that is normally found.

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