Tree branch work desk

This photograph was taken by photographer Joe McGorty for an article about me in this month’s 100th edition of icon magazine. Since my studio can be anywhere, I decided to make a Tree Branch Work Desk to enable me to think up a tree with a cup of tea and pencils at hand. We decided to document the making of the desk as seen in the animation put together by Joe.

Photograph of Dominic Wilcox copyright Joe McGorty

8 thoughts on “Tree branch work desk”

  1. Fantastic the fabrication of cristal bulb!! the miniatures conceptual histories and watch variations … that’s not very original today.

  2. Sir Richard Branson has a hammock for an office ( As a result, he has massive productivity, an inspiring view, and superb posture.

    Stay tuned into The Light.

    Voncelle Volté

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