Do not touch chair

Turn on sound to hear the speaker. Video link
Btw that’s not me in the video.

do not touch chair
Do not touch chair

I was asked to create something for the inaugural exhibition ‘About a Minute’ at a new gallery called The Gopher Hole. The premise of the exhibition was to ‘consider the fact that thanks to decades of exponential hyperactive consumption, the time that someone visiting our gallery will spend contemplating your piece is likely to be less than 59 seconds.’ I decided to play on the traditions of the gallery context by creating a wire sculpture of a chair on a white plinth. However I also decided to add an entertainment factor by integrating a game to keep the attention of those who’s mind jumps quickly onto other things. I thought about the old ‘buzz wire’ game where you try to navigate around a wire without touching it. Typically it makes a buzzing sound when touched but I decided to replace that with my voice saying ‘Do not touch’ to reference the usual stern warnings around galleries. It was very difficult to turn a long length of wire into something that held a shape and I went through a number of failures. You can see more images on my project site here. The exhibition details are below there are 14 other exhibitors.

About a Minute
10th Dec 2010 – 13th Feb 2011

The Gopher Hole
350 – 354 Old st

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